Derwentwater June 2014

Day 7 Party

Friday 6 June 2014

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Holiday Photos
Sue has bravely volunteered to demonstrate the first dance with Jan
And off they go
Many reputations will be shattered tonight
As members of S. Cots throw themselves into dancing with gay abandon
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A brief respite as our American friends entertain us
Then back into the fray
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Round and round we go
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A fit of the giggles here?
Not sure where Denys is going
Or what anybody is doing here
Another rest as Margery entertains us with a French song
Sophie amuses us with a piece prepared by one of the leaders
Could be the start of a line dance
Olivia reaches out for a disembodied hand
Oh no - there is someone on the end of it
She moves down the line
Wouldn't think they spent the day climbing Scafell
These two look really hip (hip! - what does "hip" mean! - what century are we in!)
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Denys getting into the swing of things
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 And Olivia injecting a bit of pace
Well co-ordinated
Two twin sisters entertain us with a couple of songs (one called "Sisters")
Then S. Cots' own stand-up comedian tells a couple of jokes - At least Richard the barman can laugh at them
Everyone enjoying themselves
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Then the last dance - at last
top Photos and captions mainly by Richard, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike