Derwentwater June 2014

Day 7 Scafell Pike - the harder walk

Friday 6 June 2014

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Holiday Photos
Today's objective - Scafell Pike, England's highest summit
Leaving Seathwaite we head uphill
Over an old stone bridge
Looking back down the valley
Our mountain looming in the distance
Over a wooden bridge
And past Styhead Tarn
Peter hoping to hitch a lift
Now looking down on the Tarn
Surrounded by mountains
A rescue helicopter buzzing overhead
As we make a particularly difficult descent
A deep gully to our left
Cresting the top of a hill we see Sellafield in the distance and the Isle of Man even further
With Great Gable just across the valley
Physician heal thyself - a bit of Ibuprofen gel massaged into a sore knee
The route to the summit is littered with boulders
But we struggle up
For a group photo
Peter, not feeling too good, collapses in a heap, missing the photo opportunity
Another view from the top over Wastwater
More photos
And a chance to pose by the trig point
One more look around
Before we start our descent
Eventually finding the going easier
As we stride downhill
Alongside gushing streams back down the valley to Seathwaite.
top Photos and captions by Richard, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike