Derwentwater June 2014

Day 3 Grasmoor and Grisedale - the harder walk

Monday 2 June 2014

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Holiday Photos
We start our climb of Grasmoor in a steady drizzle
Looking back downhill as Buttermere disappears in the mist
Eventually reaching the top after a long hard climb
On Grasmoor summit we can see some grass, no more.
The mist starts to clear as we descend into Coledale Hause
 The views now extending into the valley
And beyond the Lakes
What a patchwork!
Now on top of Grisedale Pike
Time for a group photo
Herdwick with very young lamb
A Herdwick Sheep with a white face and brown fleece is apparently about 1 year old.
As we look down to Derwentwater and Keswick
A difficult descent begins
An old lead mine down in the valley
As we look back uphill to Grisedale Pike
A bit of flora (thyme)
Now descending on a better path
To cross a stream
With more views back to Grisedale as we enter Braithwaite
A much-needed refreshment break
And then head back to the hotel
 Last of the Summer Wine - back in the sunshine.
top Photos and captions by Richard, Peter and Sally, processed by Sally and uploaded by Mike