South Cotswold Ramblers

Our Upcoming Walks - April 2017 (view here or download to print)

Download Our Upcoming Walks - April 2017 (view here or download to print)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please note that the Bisley walks on Monday 17 April at 10:30 and Thursday 20 April at 18:30 have been swapped by Brian.

Thursday's walk is the one called No Chocolate, no Bells and no Clyde the Lion!

Is the walk still on?

Do look at our Latest News, the ticker tape or the Message Board in case a walk has changed since it was published. Any changes will also be highlighted on this page. If time, we do try to update Ramblers Walkfinder, however to be safe it is best to look on our website.

Four Monthly Programmes

Our Walks - November 2016 to February 2017

Our Walks - March to June 2017

Latest South Cotswold Walks - months printable on A4

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Download Our Walks - April 2017

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South Cotswold Group Walks

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