Gloucestershire Way 3 - Plump Hill to Minsterworth

Saturday 5 May 2012

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A layby on the Chepstow Road at Minsterworth as we prepare to share cars to
Plump Hill where Mike gets our walk underway
Heading downhill
Into the valley
To the church in Abenhall
With its commemorative stone showing the arms of the Freeminers
Which we examine carefully
We then head uphill
Reaching the top
Where we find a pond
We start to head downhill with May Hill in the distance
A slippery path brings us to a farmyard
Where we see some new arrivals
Two of which come closer to say hello
We continue down into the valley
Through another farm
This time with some different youngsters
The nursery pen
We cross the main Huntley - Monmouth Road
Along the side of the hill
Plenty of wild flowers
As we press resolutely on
Climbing into a field
And pausing on the edge of Longhope
A narrow lane starts us on our climb of May Hill
More sheep watch us on our way
As we climb, we look back across the Forest of Dean
Pausing half way up
Richard and Flo from across the pond have joined us for the day - not quite the same as walking in the USA
We reach the top of the hill and look across to the Brecons with Blorenge, Skirrid, Sugar Loaf and the Black Mountains visible
And looking North we can see Hay Bluff
A group photo in honour of our American visitors - I can also spot an Australian there
We also have views across the Severn
As we drop down from May Hill we pass a derelict chimney - once a steam-powered sawmill
And a duck pond
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John stifles a yawn
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As we enter some bluebell woods
Time for photos
A really good show this year
Huntley churchyard
With its 1500 year old yew tree
We study the gravestones
Then make for the next door garden centre
For tea and cakes
Suzanne has found somewhere different to sit
The rest of us tuck in
This is the life!
We've still got 4 or 5 miles to do
Poles are awaiting!
So we are soon off again
Across fields
A very tame lamb
A track brings us to Birdwood
Somebody spent some money at the garden centre - lucky Di!
More fields
Bring us to a railway line
And then the final lap back to the cars
Photos and captions by Richard with a few from Mike, processed by Sally, uploaded by Mike